Accessible Solutions

Accessible Solutions - more than a legal requirement, more than a commercial incentive, more than a buzz phrase - it is a fundamental principle: in our name and in our culture. Accessible solutions are those that can be easily used by every person including those with disabilities. They can be used with assistive technology such as screen readers. They can increase your audience commercially. They ensure every member of your organization can utilise the tools you give them.

Accord-AS can assist in making your current systems ARIA and WCAG compliant. We are able to test your current systems, report on the results, design and build fixes to ensure full compliance and provide you with a certification.

Every business has a social and legal responsibility to ensure full accessibility. In the UK compliance is required in the Equality Act 2010 and in the United States by Section 508.

The British Standard for web accessibility is covered in BS8878 - Web Accessibility - Code of Practice. Accord-AS can assist you in upholding this legal and socially responsible principle.

Ensure your organization is at the cutting edge of design and equality!

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