Development Consultation

Development Model Transitioning

There are numerous models you can adopt for your development project, each have their pros and cons. Whether internal using an agile methodology or offshore using a waterfall approach, all development projects can meet with challenges. If your development project is stalling or heading for disaster, it may be time to transition your development model.

Accord-AS has expertise in working with development projects that have gone awry. Whether your internal team is unable to meet timescales, you’re struggling to define requirements or your offshore team is not delivering; we can offer an alternative.

We offer an investigative service to inspect all elements of your project. We review:

  • Scope
  • Timescales
  • Budget
  • Expected Product lifecycle
  • Team Expertise
  • Methodology
  • Inter-team communications
  • Development Technology

Based on our investigation we will advise on whether your current model is right for your project, propose an alternative and the means to get there.

Through a combination of our professional services and development team we can integrate directly into your current project structure. Whether bringing offshore development back onshore or moving from a waterfall to agile approach to meet a strict deadline; Accord-AS can ease your transition.